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Plant Native Day
Cedar Point Environmental Park

Plant Native Day Event 

  The Mangrove Chapter of  The Florida Native Plant Society held its annual “Plant Native Day” event on Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  This FREE educational program is held at the Cedar Point Environ-mental Park, 2300 Placida Rd, Englewood, FL. 
every year.  The theme of the event this year was , “Vines and Ground covers" and how they can add diversity and dimension to your yard”. 

Linda Schiller is a garden volunteer at Cedar Point Park and a member of the mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society. 

There were lots of  "FREE SEEDS" available from Chapter Members for anyone that wanted them... many were all neatly wrapped and labeled and of course they were all Native to Florida.

Not to mention of FREE, very well arranged, cookies and other sweets


Florida native Plants Nursery & Landscaping 
was offering lots of live native plants at the event


And local chapter members offered a large 
variety of small starter plants for your garden


Something NEW for this event.  Green Leaf Worm Farm was there selling "Living Soil".   More info available at

 The butterfly garden is always open to the public with FREE literature 
on which plants to plant  to attract butterflies to your garden

Purple Thistle in the butterfly garden

I grow these "non-native"  shhhhhhh Cassia at my house 
and have butterflies on them every day of the year.

This is a Cloudless Sulfur caterpillar munching away on one of the flowers.  Interestingly... when they eat the leaves they are green and when they eat the flowers they are yellow :)

After a good time munching on the plant I found this one beginning to convert to the next part of his life.  Attaching himself to the stem it only takes a few hours for him to convert himself to this chrysalis below. 
Ever see any of these on your plants... 
Want to know what they are about to become. 
Check out this link

A Cloudless Sulphur

Want to know what these caterpillars turn into?
Here's a link to show you everything you need to know
Like Monarch Butterflies?  I did a quick search and found this 
awesome Monarch butterfly link.  Check this out !

Jane Wallace began the butterfly garden many years ago and is still a member of the Peace River Butterfly Society

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 Inside the building at Cedar Point Park the first speaker is about to talk.
Note:  When you visit Cedar Point Park... Please Sign In.  They are a non-profit organization and all their funding comes from events such as this.  The more that sign in shows that there is a more public interest.
 The stage is set and the building quickly fills with people

 Al Squires is Vice President of the Mangrove Chapter and 
the MC for the event and introduces some of the speakers

 Lois Cantwell is President of 
The Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society who offers FREE literature including a Guide to Native Vines and Groundcovers.

 And then Laurel Schiller, from Florida Native Plants Inc. Nursery in Sarasota Florida talks to the group about using native vines in every possible way.  Here she talks about the many, many uses of Coral Honeysuckle and explains how popular it is with migrating hummingbirds.

 Next she talks about this Cross Vine... and explains how it can be used in some very special ways, and especially likes how it can be used for  growing up trees in sun or shade or covering an entire wall.

The crowd is riveted to her information and many take notes

 After her talk... this beautiful Coral Honeysuckle that she used in her talk  is 
quickly purchased by one of the participants.

 After a short break... Al Sqires does a very informative talk with a slide show presentation about many other varieties of Florida native Plants.

Here's a better view of one that is growing in my yard.  This also comes in a 
Red Passionflower which the butterflies love... but I learned here that the red
variety is not considered a native Plant  :(

Another Happy Shopper :)

 After Al's informative talk CHEC Volunteer and Trail Guide Gloria Hansen offered everyone a garden tour and trail walk through the most beautiful areas of Cedar point Park. 


I found this little guy walking the trail with his dad while I was photographing the tour and had to grab this picture.  It is nice to
see adults taking their kids out into nature... as I  believe most of 
them have a serious nature deficiency.  Please teach your kids about nature... or bring them here for one of their many FREE nature walks

CHEC/Cedar Point Environmental Park

(941) 475-0769

Big Pine Trail is closed while the Eagles are nesting... 
but the nest is so huge you can see it from the main trail.

 Everyone took turns with the binoculars to get a better view
You could just barely see one adults white heads sticking up from the nest

You just never know what you will see when you visit Cedar Point Park !

There's all kinds of "hands on" nature items to see and learn about




I couldn't resist buying this beautiful Cross Vine for my own garden area.  I plan to plant it under an old Oleander Tree that's starting to die back and let it take over with more beautiful red flowers.
Here is what Laurel Schiller, from Florida Native Plants Inc. Nursery 
had to say about Cross Vine 

Video Coming Soon !

Click here to take a virtual Tour of Cedar Point Park

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