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Pioneer Days Parade
on Dearborn Street
Englewood Florida


Another grande event in Englewood Florida... the Pioneer Days Annual Parade on Dearborn Street.  I've photographed this parade every year since 2003 
and posed the pictures in the photo gallery of  this website.  I photograph it for FREE and post the pictures for FREE and all I've ever asked is that anyone using 
the pictures for any other  purposes at least give me photo credit.  Some do... some don't.  And this year I actually wound up in an argument about it... so decided 
not to photograph the parade... but instead actually be in the parade myself :)   So I drew the sketch above (no laughing) and I talked to some of the people who 
advertise on my Englewood Small Business website and asked if anyone would like to either be on a float or give me a sign to attach to a float and I got a 
great response.  Below is a picture of my entry sitting in my driveway. (looks just like the drawing doesn't it :)

If you want to see past parade pictures... you can visit my photo gallery and scroll back to any year you want to see.


On Labor Day morning... September 5, 2011, I was up early and heading for St Raphaels Church parking lot on Old Englewood Road.   I was one of the first to arrive, and there were sticks in the ground all numbered so everyone would know where to stage for the parade.

I was number 46... And as with just about everything else in my life... nothing goes exactly as planned.  Even though I was the first float on the property, it seemed they forgot to leave a space for my #46 float.  So I just made my own space between #45 and #47.  Since I couldn't be sure if the float would hold up to highway driving I had to reassemble the entire thing that morning.

The grounds started filling up quickly and when I was finished with my float I walked around to photograph some of the others.






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My finished float above.     My driver and co-pilot below

 Just about that time... it started to rain... and everyone scrambled to put things away that couldn't get wet and close convertible tops

 Five minutes later and the rain passed it it was a beautiful Florida day

 Mayor for a Day




Let the Parade Begin !


It was 10:00 a.m. and the floats all started lining up to begin the parade.  Above is my float and some of my advertisers that decided to ride along :)

The Parade Spectators
Old Englewood Road

From that point on... I was sitting comfortably on the back of the float and photographing the most interesting  people I saw along the parade route.  Below is a sampling of the best photo's I took in the approximate order that I took them.  If you know any of these folks be sure to tell them to visit this page.   Enjoy :)
























The Parade Spectators
Dearborn Street




This little girl turned out to be my POD  (Picture of the Day). 
If anyone knows her I'd love to send her this picture.  Pass it on.






Everybody is a photographer these days. 

 If any of you got a good picture of me on my float I'd love to
have it for on this page. 

I'll even give you photo credit :)

The judges stand and WENG Radio broadcasting  live.   " Hi Ken ! "









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