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The Sights, Sounds & Tastes of Englewood Event was put on by Charlotte Country Community Services and Kids Creating Change 
at the Ann Dever Memorial Park in Englewood Florida 


The Englewood Fire District supplied two large engines for everyone to explore, and have their photo taken with the firemen


Some of the Genesis Tools they carry include the "Jaws of Life" which run on hydraulics

 And other hydraulic tools 
that can cut through just about anything

 Photo opportunity for these two cuties getting a grande tour


 Volunteers to keep the names straight so that their pictures
can be emailed to them afterwards

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Out in the grass next to the Kids Event they were holding another kind of event by Sound Solution Audio
You know those really, really LOUD cars you hear with the bass turned up so high you can hear them in your car a half a block away?  Well these are the guys that make that sound happen !
 How would you like to be driving with this in your back?



 Check out this little Geo.  Over 3000 watts of power in the back
With four 16 volt batteries hooked up the two huge amplifiers 
to supply enough power
To drive these speakers inside !

 Another example:  3500 watts with speakers at your back

 When he fired up the sound in this truck it actually pulsates the windshield and makes that rubber window molding dance on top of the roof  from the vibrations.  Loud enough to make my eyes squint trying to take the picture from the outside. And so very difficult to even comprehend what it might sound like to sit  inside... let alone try to drive !


Back to the Firefighters for another cool portrait

 Kenny Rose was going to play when the SSA guys shut down

 A few more great portraits :)

A short walk around the event to visit with the vendors.  These cute critters were all hand crafted by Caitlyn of Kids Creating Change

 These pretty bows are available @
Zella's Boutique


Sorri girls... lost your card. :(    Drop me a note and I'll add you here :)







Barb's Designs in Tiffany Square  -  Also known as Rotonda Rock




Time for Kenny Rose to take over the audio :)  Finally !




Hey... there's a Cat House in Englewood - Shhhhhhh
Let's see what the search engines do with that :)

Time for the raffle drawing

Nice set from Barb's Designs


Awesome jewelry and discounts from Pirates Dream

FREE Ice Cream from A Better Scoop


(T-shirt design by Caitlyn Lovelace)

Overall the kids raised about $450 in cash, with more donations on the way including backpacks and miscellaneous school supplies and a few $25 gift cards from Bealls :)  Thanks to everyone that participated :)