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4th of July Fireworks
In Punta Gorda Florida

Last year I spent the rainy day and evening photographing and videotaping the fireworks in Englewood Florida... it was a difficult task because I do this work for free and share it for free and promote everyone that participates for free... and I have to jeopardize thousands of dollars of my own equipment to do it.  Luckily,  the weather finally cleared up by the time the fireworks went off and I got some great shots.  You can find that entire 2010 story
along with a video of the Englewood 2010 fireworks finale by clicking  here.

The 2010 fireworks display was absolutely wonderful... and I gave full credit to the Englewood Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary for making it a such grande event.  But this year one of  the Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Members has been so terribly rude and unprofessional with me and my business for the past 5 months that I just couldn't feel good about doing anything to promote them again.  So have decided not to photograph or promote any of their Englewood events until the problem is resolved. 

Enuf said.

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Not only does it remind me of our freedoms... it reminds me of many of my past 4th of July celebrations... at home... on the beach... out on a boat... I can remember many of them as far back as a life changing  grande adventure I had in Pensacola Florida in 1969 when my friend and I made front page headlines in the Pensacola Journal. 

So at the last moment... I decided go to Punta Gorda to photograph their fireworks this year.  So off I went to beautiful downtown Punta Gorda Florida to watch the 2011 fireworks display that they set off on a dock just east of the Peace River bridge. 

I was running a little late due to indecision and didn't quite make it to the dock 
before the fireworks started... so I took a few photos from a distance and 
kept walking towards them as I did.



I barely had time to adjust my camera to the light as I was approaching the dock

But did get some great shots from a distance







All the fireworks seemed be be exploding fairly low to the ground and it was difficult to capture the blasts without other things in the background and foreground until I got close enough to be aiming my camera more straight up.



I kept moving closer and stopping along the way to capture a few individual shots



But  it was getting more and more difficult to capture a single blast as the fireworks 
display seemed to be shifting into high gear only a few minutes into the show

Then the display turned huge and high and there were hundreds of explosions going off all at once.



I had never seen such a variety of shells exploding at the same time...

There were so many... so close together...  that they seemed to be running into each other... and I was thinking it would have been better to have spaced them out a little bit 

At times it looked and sounded like a war zone




And I must admit it was an awesome display for only being 10 minutes into the expected 30 minute show.

Awesome Explosions one right after the other, 
10 - 20 at a time... for several very long minutes !

Like the entire show was going to be one grande finale !

And it was really, really awesome !!!



And then...




Nothing !




The show was over in about 12 minutes


A few days later I was talking to Kristen Randolph  from the Parrot Entertainment Magazine who watched the display from the water just west of the pier... and she told me that there was an accident that set off the entire display at once. 

Below are some of the photo's that she took and shared with me for on this page.





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